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Default I need to know how a normal and healthy mind should be.

Dear Dr. Joe,

I do have determination to change bad habits and I can change, I just don't know how a normal and healthy mind should be, I've read The Power Of Self-coaching many times (I read it whenever I have time), but I can't really feel the concepts in the book, I can exactly read English, so language is not the problem, I've had many psychological problems since I was 11 or even younger or maybe at the very beginning, I think maybe it's because that I never know what a normal and healthy mind looks like, so I can't really understand and feel what the book says, take Self-confidence as an example, no matter how many times I read the explanation of Self-confidence, I still don't know how Self-confidence feels like, maybe I've felt it at some time in daily life, but I can't make sure whether it is the Self-confidence.

Thank you so much!
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