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Old 12-06-2014, 11:56 PM
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Default Am I controlling life?

Dear Dr. Joe,

Here is my problem, I want to know in the case below whether it is controlling.

For example, I want to eat beans, sleeve-fish, potato and drink blacktea, I will search with google to make sure whether the food collocation is not good for my health, am I controlling? Or am I donging what a normal person do? If I'm controlling life, how can I know the food collocation is good or not for my health? After all, there is a possibility, if I depend on my intuition, suppose there is such information in our subconscious mind, and when there is danger the concerned information will be called out and to stop the danger, but subconscious mind doesn't include all of the informations in world, that's mean there is a posibility that there is no concerned information about whether eating beans, sleeve-fish, potato and drinking blacktea are good or not good for my health, in this case, if I risk to trust my intuition, then I eat them first to see whether there is something happen to me, if the food collocation is bad, then the next time I will not eat them together again.

I didn't mean to philosophize, as you see, I've really lost the balance of my mind, I really appreciate for all of the help you gave me, your book shows me a whole new world, now I'm on my way to this beautiful new world.

Again, thank you for helping me! :=)
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