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Old 03-01-2005, 06:48 PM
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Default soooo tired, help

About a year and half ago I tried to kill myself. My life has gone from bad to worse amd I find myself thinking about it 24/7 to the point where Im trying to figure out how to do it again and not fail this time. Only thing preventing most of time is a promise I made to my grown children. I try to stay busy and not think about it, but the thoughts are always there, and I don't know what to do anymore or how to get these thoughts out of my head. I'm just sooo tired of being in this world......
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Old 03-04-2005, 02:40 PM
scarlettbandit scarlettbandit is offline
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Default I feel your pain daily


I know what your going through I totally relate. I do everything I can to stay busy and not think about stuff. I have been through hell and right now my hell continues. I have to stay constantly busy and absorbed in ANYTHING to keep my mind from going down the wrong road. Sleeping has started to become a real problem.

I have chronic pain syndrome, very self-defeating. I try everyday right now telling myself. The sun comes up and the sun will go down. I have made it another day. In my current situation which is probably going to sprial outta control - I am just trying to control the things I can let go of what I can't until something comes up.

I have to young boys and a very supportive husband. Thats my main reason for fighting this emotionally. They need me I keep telling myself that. I am seeing a counselar today that focuses on self hypnosis. I know what the issues are which I will bring up. Maybe you should try and talk to someone.

Just try and keep fighting the good fight. S.
Just me sounding off - whether or not I get replies its okay.
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Old 07-28-2005, 03:16 PM
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Default you're not alone

hi, my situation is much the same. Promises.... guilt me into going on. Struggling on. I am making small attempts with the aide of extra medicine to change, just a microbite at a time...use some of Dr. Joe's principles... and other self help things I have come across.
It helps to read suicide prevention sites-- if you just put suicide in a search box you will come up with some... ie- read this first... it just helps to divert your thinking some. I know how it is.
The good part is realizing that like one site says that your response of wanting death isn't bad- it's a natural response to an imbalance in life- stress vs. coping mechanisms. Talking is the most important thing you can do- just venting and getting stuff out. Writing, drawing. I know if I can make it, you can too. Let's fight together. In memory of all those we have lost- hope this helps.
ops: prism
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